PTT invests 500 million baht to increase capital in AI and Robotics business under Mekha V-New Ver Sal : InfoQuest

PTT Public Company Limited (PTT) increased capital for 2 subsidiaries operating in the AI ​​& Robotics group by restructuring the shareholding by allowing Siam Management Holding Company Limited (SMH) to purchase all the shares of React Co. , Ltd (ReAcc) ) of Alpha Com Co, Ltd (Alpha Com) SMH, ReAcc and Alpha Com are 100% indirect subsidiaries of PTT.

and restructuring the shareholding of the company Mekha Technology Co, Ltd (Mekha Tech) by allowing ReAcc to acquire all shares of Mekha Tech from Alpha Com, which is ReAcc and Alpha Com

Such restructuring for AI and Robotics business flexibility and to support new business investments in line with PTT’s strategic directions.

The PTT Board of Directors Meeting decided to increase its registered capital. and change the company name

– Mekha Technology Co, Ltd (Mekha Tech) changed its name to Mekha V Co., Ltd. (Mekha V), registered capital increased to 266 million baht from the initial registered capital of 30 million baht.

– React Company Limited (ReAcc) changed its name to New Versall Company Limited (New Ver Sal), registered capital increased to 302 million baht from the initial registered capital of 29 million baht.

xMekha Tech has completed the registration on December 14, 2022 and Reacc expects to complete the registration. Within the 1st quarter of 2023By InfoQuest News Agency (14 Dec. ’22)

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