SUPER Launches “Super Carbon X” and “Mekha V”, Startup Companies of PTT Group

Super Energy Corporation Sends “Super Carbon X” (SCX) to Sign Mekha V, a Startup Company under PTT Group, to Buy Renewable Energy Power Generation Rights (REC) Certificates and Support Renewable Energy Power Generation Rights (REC) Business to Further Clean Energy

Innovation Mr. Chapmon Chantarapongpan, Managing Director of Super Carbon X Company Limited or SCX, a subsidiary of Super Energy Corporation Public Company Limited or SUPER, revealed that it has signed an agreement with Mekha V Company Limited or Mekha V, a subsidiary of PTT Public Company Limited or PTT, to purchase renewable energy power generation rights certificates (RECs).

SCX is a provider of sourcing and collecting environmental products such as I-REC, TVER and other carbon standards to meet the needs of customers in the industrial sector. SCX currently has the capability to issue more than 700,000 RECs from solar power plants under SUPER’s subsidiaries in 2565 and is ready to expand to 1,000,000 RECs per year within this year, which is internationally recognized by The International REC (I-REC Standard). REC is considered a tool that industrial enterprises can use to offset greenhouse gas emissions indirectly. Type 2 (Scope 2)

Mr. Chan Kulpatniran Senior Executive Vice President, New Business Development PTT Public Company Limited (PTT) said that the collaboration will expand clean energy innovations and support climate change goals through the purchase of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs).

As well as being an agent for trading clean energy and carbon neutrality products through a digital platform for companies that want to provide renewable energy to have easier and more convenient access to clean electricity sources. To help promote the Greenhouse Gases Emission Reduction policy of the industrial sector. “This cooperation will benefit both parties as an important mechanism to drive the use of clean energy that is environmentally friendly and enhances the competitiveness of the Thai industrial sector to the world stage.

under the conditions of the international community on Carbon Neutrality and Net Zero.” Mr. Chan said finally.

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