“ReAcc” joins forces with “Chaodee Isaan” to register biogas power generation to convert waste into energy

“ReAcc” The platform provides a one-stop clean energy buying and selling service. Announcement of cooperation with “Chaodee Isaan” Tapioca starch producer registered biogas power generation from cassava industry waste and applied for RECs certification according to I-REC Standard, Netherlands

Mr. Prapan Chaodee, Managing Director of Chaodee Isan Company Limited (4th from left) Mr. Takpetch Secretaryvijit Sales & Marketing Manager and Mr. Noppawut Boonsiri, Production Manager, Reac Company Limited (3nd from right) Announcement of cooperation in the registration of renewable energy biogas power generation project from waste in tapioca starch production for maximum utilization From consulting on the purchase and sale of rights certificates for electricity generation from renewable energy. This includes seeking qualified customers to purchase Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs).

CHOWDEE ISAN CO.,LTD. Operates a major tapioca starch production business in Thailand. Electricity is generated with biogas from cassava industry waste, which is considered renewable energy to reduce waste emissions that affect communities and the environment.

The registration of the renewable energy power project of Chaodee Isan is the first time that a tapioca flour mill has been registered on the system and RECs are certified according to the I-REC Standard in the Netherlands.

ReAcc Co., Ltd. (ReAcc) is a one-stop clean energy trading platform. The one-stop service encourages other renewable power producers in Thailand to participate and encourage more entrepreneurs to generate and use electricity from renewable sources. Not only will it reduce the cost of electricity consumption from the normal electricity grid, but it will also generate income from electricity sales, reducing the impact on carbon gas that affects environmental problems. This will lead to the use of Net Zero GHG emissions and enhance the potential of Thailand’s sustainable energy innovation development to the world stage in the future.

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